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Arranged and Directed by Hossein Hamidi
Volals: Naser Vahdati

Song that you here in this album, except “Siâ Abrân” and “Ye Ghal Do Ghal” (which are composed by the famous poet and songwriter from Gilân, Morteza Karimi), are folk songs of the female farmers working in paddy fields and farms, songs of tea farms and gardens all around Gilân, Lullabies, ceremony songs of men and women, songs which are sung during the transportation with horse and mule in the mountainous routes and songs from foresters. These songs are folk songs of different regions of Gilân from the foretime.
These songs have been preserved orally in the musical culture of Gilân during the decades and there isn’t any known composer, songwriter of poet for them. Lyrics mostly illustrate the excruciating life, unending disasters, disappointed loves and small joys. Although these songs truly reflect the disasters and tragedies, their melodies, even in the saddest songs are much appealing and pleasant. This sensible happiness is permanently flowing in the songs and is a feature of the folk music of Gilân.
Musicians and the singers of Shemshal Ensemble have revived the music of Gilân by performing this album under supervision of Hossein Hamidi in different cities like Tehran, Sari and Gachsaran.
In this album the folk music of Gilân has been arranged using the traditional music instruments of this region. This album has excited the young fans and music lovers of Gilân. I hope other musicians and singers become inspired by the way this album was produced, till the music of Gilân become popular more than ever.

Hossein Hamidi

Conductor: Hossein Hamidi
Balaban and Labak: Hossein Hamidi
Tar and Bass Tar: Alborz Rahmani
Shurangiz: Rabeh Eftekhari
Rubab: Ghobad Rezaei
Kamancheh: Afshin Hashemi, Rana Shieh
Dayereh (Qaval): Majid Rahimipour
Naghareh: Saba Raeiszadeh
Chorus: Afsaneh Jahangiri, Nazli Jahangiri  

Recorded by Reza Moghaddas
Recorded live at Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Niavaran Palace, Tehran
Mixed and Mastered by Orod Anzabipour
Cover Designer: Iraj Esmailpour
Graphic Designer: Arlin Vartanian

Record Label: Kargah-e Musiqi Records
Record Date: 2002
Release Date: 2005

The Music of Gilan, Shemshal Ensemble Concert

Track list

  1.    Shohrate: a song from Charbedari-Galeshi, a version of Hossein Eshghi          Deylamani
  2.    Khon Bajie
: a song from Charbedari-Galeshi, a version of Akhavan          Ataghouri
  3.    Ranâ
: one of five known versions, a version of Eshkevar
  4.    Zarângis
: a song from Charbedari-Galeshi, a version of Hossein Eshghi          Deylamani
  5.    Siâ Abrân
(Poem by Morteza Karimi)
  6.    Âhâ Bogoo
: one of the songs that sung in rice paddies, a version of          Akhavan Ataghouri
  7.    Kele Gandeme
: a song from Deylaman, a version of Akhavan Ataghouri
  8.    Ye Ghal Do Ghal
(Poem by Morteza Karimi)
  9.     Ây Khon Bajey
: one of the songs that sung in rice paddies, a version of           Gol-Jahan Roshan
10.    Supule
: one of the songs that sung in rice paddies, a version of Seddigheh           Mohamadi
11.    Pahlavi Deshkan
: songs of women in rice paddies, from Eastern Gilan           and Siahkal, a version of Mah-Soltan Roshan
12.    Heyroon Heyroone
: songs of women in rice paddies, from Siahkal, a           version of Mah-Soltan Roshan
13.    Sabure
: a song from Charbedari-Galeshi, fron Eastern Gilan, a song for           children and youth, a version of Iran Hosseinzadeh (Dayereh: Sina           Khoskebijari)
14.    Ranâ
: another version of Ra’na, a version of Akhavan Ataghouri and           Masoud Sufi Siviri
15.    Tubay
: a folk song

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