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Compiled and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi

In this set, the selected songs are the ones which were sung by shepherds during working in farms or some special events. “Red Goat” is a well-known shepherd song which still can be heard in Fars region, specially in Jahrom city. And the song “Winter” which is famous in eastern Mazandaran. Another old song is “Hâyna Hale Hâyna” which young Qashqai maids sing together during rice pounding for a wedding ceremony. “Allâh Madad” (God’s Aid) and “Nawâi” are songs which are orison songs by Dutar players in eastern Khorasan. “Child and Ice” and “That is Me, the Swift-footed Horse” are songs for children’s games. The motif of producing such collection is to introduce the listeners to the folklore songs of this land, which are presented by teenagers’ voices.

Hossein Hamidi

Balaban, Ney, Ghoshmeh, Sorna and Tutek: Hossein Hamidi
Oud: Mohammad Firouzi
Dutar: Mohammad Reza Eshaghi, Barat Heydari
Kamancheh: Amir Rastbod, Saeed Farajpouri
Tar: Farhad Farajli
Ghejegh: Anna Bardi Vojdani
Garmon: Majid Rastbod
Naqara and Qaval: Vahid Asadollahi
Daf, Dohol and Tombak: Sadegh Tarif
Narrator: Fereshteh Mardaneh  
Vocals: Gholam Farough Faghiri, Jalil Bardideh, Afsaneh Jahangiri, Amir Safipour, Shabnam Hassas, Masan Vojdani, Ali Asghar Eshaghi

Recorded and Mixed by Naser Farhoodi  
at Pop Studio

Record Label: IIDCYA
Record Date: 1998
Release Date: 1998

The Kids of Iran 1
Iranian Children’s Folk Songs

Track list

Side A
Beauty Iran: A Song form Torbat-e Jam [Vocal: Gholam Farough         Faghiri]
Allâh Madad: A Tasnif form Torbat-e Jam [Vocal: Gholam Farough         Faghiri]
Red Goat: A Tasnif form Jahrom [Vocal: Jalil Bardideh]
4.    Hâynâ Hale Hâynâ: Qashqai Tasnif [Vocal: Afsaneh Jahangiri]
Child and Ice: Azerbaijani Tasnif [Vocal: Amir Safipour]

Side B
Bushehr’s Youth: A Tasnif form Bushehr [Vocal: Jalil Bardideh]
Arise Leylâ!: A Tasnif form Gilan [Vocal: Shabnam Hassas]
That is Me, the Swift-footed Horse: Turkmen Tasnif [Vocal:         Masan Vojdani]
4.    Winter: A Tasnif form Eastern Mazandaran [Vocal: Ali Asqar Eshaghi]
5.    Nawâi: A Tasnif form Khorasan [Vocal: Gholam Farough Faghiri]

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