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Complied and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi
Vocals: Sima Bina

This collection is a presentation of recomposed music of North, South and East regions of Khorasan, Iran. Over Many years, Sima Bina has lovingly collected and breathed new life into the music and songs contained herein. She has presented many of them in concerts and radio broadcasts with orchestration and arrangements by some of the most celebrated Iranian music masters, including Javad  Maroufi and Faramarz Payvar.
This new presentation of these melodies is under Hossein Hamidi’s rearrangement and orchestration. Hossein Hamidi’s artistry, by combining his genuine understanding of folklore music and his creative interpretation of Khorasan’s music, reflects approach to the writing of these new arrangements.
Another unique characteristic of the recordings is the chorus. Singing along with Sima Bina, the chorus embraces and elevates her voice like a precious gem in a musical setting.
“Parishaan” (Parishân), the title of this CD collection, is one of the old songs of Northern Khorasan that is customarily sung in the regional dialect, Kurd Kormanc. In this collection it is replaced with modern Persian lyrics composed by Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari.
The popular Torbat-e Jam’s quatrain songs, are some of the most traditional chants of the region. Other Songs in this compilation are also famous pieces of music in the Khorasan Province.  

Sima Bina

Balaban, Ney, Neylabak, Ghoshmeh and Sorna: Hossein Hamidi
Kamancheh: Saeed Farajpouri
Oud and Setar: Mohammad Firouzi
Dutar of Quchan: Masoud Khezri
Dutar of Torbat-e Jam: Farough Kianipour
Kamancheh of Northern Khorasan and Handy Dohol: Rahim Khoshnavaz
Dohol, Daf of Khorasan and Dayereh: Sadegh Tarif  
Rubab: Ghobad Rezaei
Daf: Farhad Andalibi
Chorus: Setareh Bakhtiari, Elham Afzali, Hossein Hamidi

Recorded by Naser Farhoodi
at Pop Studio

Record Label: Fars Media
Record Date: 2001
Release Date: 2001

Music of Khorasan

Track list

  1.    Frenzied Heart (Del-e Sheydâ): a popular song from Torbat-e Jam           [Poems by Abdolrahman Jami and Sheyda]   
  2.    Song
(Non-metrical Chanting) with Neylabak
  3.    Samar Gol
: a popular song from Birjand
  4.    Bewildered
(Parishaan): a song of Quchan [Poems by Mohammad           Ebrahim Jafari]
  5.    Ghezâmat
: an instrumental piece with Dutar of Nothern Khorasan and           Dayereh
  6.    Oshâri Reng
: a rhythmic dance music [Arranged by Maestro Rahim           Khoshnavaz]
  7.    Song
(Non-metrical Chanting) with Dutar: popular quatrain from Torbat-e           Jam
  8.    Ey Del Benâlom
: a popular song from Birjand
  9.    Majnoon
: a popular song from Birjand
10.    Song
(Non-metrical Chanting) with Neylabak
11.    Shah Sanam
: a popular love song from Birjand
12.    Delbar
: a popular love song from Birjand
13.    Aziz
: a popular love song from Birjand
14.    Bânoo
: a popular love song from Birjand

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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