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Arranged by Hossein Hamidi
Vocals: Sima Bina

This beautiful old tune originally belongs to the music from the south of Khorasan province (Torbat-e Jam), but in every region of this province it is played in a special way and in its own taste on the Dutar. Traditionally Nawai refers to Ali Shir Nawai, the famous Minister of Timur.
The tune Nawai is played on the Dutar. Many times I heard this old musical instrument from Khorasan played by musicians from Torbat-e Jam and Quchan. But the first time heard this tune on an old cassette with poem of Abdolrahman Jami it was played with the Dutar interpreting the voice of Osman Mohammadparast and it attracted my attention.
With the intention of meeting this artist and getting to know him, some years ago I traveled to the border of Khorasan and Afghanistan into the far south to a village named Khvaf. There I met this wise and enthusiastic artist. For some days I stayed there being his guest. Being attracted by his grand personality I enjoyed his presence, his outstanding appearance among the gentle people of Khorasan.
The presentation of Nawai during this correct comprises a collection and a selection of the most original melodies of this ancient tune together with the perception of the different ways and styles that will be heard during this concert.
“Gol Âsâ” is a tune from the border area of Khorasan. This tune I had partly listened to was sung by Osman Mohammadparast, I sang it with exactly the same simple and colloquial words with a selected couples of this region, selected and arranged to my own taste.
The music on this compact disc is part of the live concert performed in Vienna 1995 with Hamid Khezri playing the Dutar, Farhad Andalibi playing the Daf and all recorded by Arash Mitooie.
This album is a remix of the Nawai compact disc produced in cooperation with Hossein Hamidi creating a new atmosphere regarding the Nawai compact disc in cooperation with an orchestra playing folkloric instruments without affecting the music of the actual live performances.  

Sima Bina

Poems by Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami, Tabib Isfahani, Aliakbar Sheyda, Hafez, Baba Tahir

Balaban, Bass Duduk, Ney, Labak, Bass Tar, Torbat-e Jam Dutar (Shotori), Grand Dayereh of Khorasan, Kurdish Daf  and Dohol: Hossein Hamidi
Dutar: Hamid Khezri
Daf: Farhad Andalibi

Recorded by Arash Mitooie  
at Fars Media
Studio Observer: Hossein Hamidi

Record Label: Fars Media
Record Date: 2003
Release Date: 2003

Iranian Folk Music

Track list

  1.    Introduction Nawai [Traditionally after Mohammad Soleimani]  
  2.    Nawai
: a song from Torbat-e Jam
  3.    Song with Dutar and Balaban
  4.    Gol Âsâ
: a song from Khvaf
  5.    Kabk-e Zari
: a song from Torbat-e Jam
  6.    Frenzied Heart
(Del-e Sheyda): a song from Torbat-e Jam
  7.    Piece of Music with Folkloric Drum and Vocal
  8.    Zolfâye Yârom
: a song from Birjand
  9.    Balaban Solo  
10.    Come to Appreciate Each Other
(Biâ tâ Ghadr-e Yekdigar           Bedânim)

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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