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Arranged and Directed by Hossein Hamidi

Khorâsân music has a splendid variety, regarding to its geographical wideness and folks dispersion. So it is divided into two main categories: northern Khorâsân music, and southern and central Khorâsân music.

Northern Khorasan music
Different people such Kurds and Turkmens have settled in north of Khor
âsân. The original music around here is a Kurdish music called “Kormanji” which is the divide between Turkmen and eastern Khorâsân music. This music has two parts; vocal and instrumental.
The instrumental music is more like dance music, which often uses Qoshmeh and D
âyereh, Sornâ and Dohol, or 3-strings Kamâncheh and Dohol. The most remarkable songs of this area are Yek-Qarseh, Do-Qarseh, Shesh-Qarseh, Anâraki and Allâh-Mazâr.
Bakhshis’ and
Âshiqs are the narrators and singers of vocal music. Zohreh and Tâher, Navâyi, Kour-Oqli, Gerâyli, Tajnis, Shâh-Khatâyi, Lou, Dornâ and Jafar Qoli are the important vocal songs.

Southern and central Khorasan music
Music of this region is accompanied with Dutâr and is based on Gnosticism. Dutâr players and singer here are called “Oustâ” (Master in Persian). The poems are absolutely Persian. The most famous vocal and Instrumental songs of Southern and central Khorâsân are Jamshidi, Navâyi, Sheikh Ahmad Jâmi, Allâh Mazâr, Châhâr-Beyti, Maqâm-Allâh, Sarhadi, Ahoo, Maqâm-e Jol, Oshtor-Khajoo, Mashgh-Paltân.

Hossein Hamidi

This is Shemshal concert in 2002 in Niavaran concert hall, Tehran and Helal Ahmar hall, Sari.
Joome Nârenji “Orange Cloth” is a recreation of east, south and north of Khorasan, which was supposed to be released by Shevash Navaa publications that for unknown reasons didn’t happen.

Conductor: Hossein Hamidi
Balaban and Ney: Hossein Hamidi
Dutar of Northern Khorasan: Saeed Tehranizadeh
Rubab, Afghan Rubab and Narrator of Joome Narenji: Ghobad Rezaei
Kamancheh: Afshin Hashemi, Rana Shieh
Dizeh and Percussion Instruments: Fardis Feizbakhsh
Shurangiz: Rabeh Eftekhari
Bass Tar: Alborz Rahmani
Handy Dohol of Northern Khorasan: Azarakhsh Masoumi, Saba Raeiszadeh  
Ghashoghak: Saba Raeiszadeh  
Chorus: Afsaneh Jahangiri, Nazli Jahangiri, Ameneh Samiei, Hossein Hamidi  

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Arash Mohsenpour  
Recorded live at Helal Ahmar Hall, Sari
Graphic Designer: Parsua Bashi

Record Label: Shevash Nava
Record Date: 2002


Joome Narenji
The Music of Khorasan, Shemshal Ensemble Concert

Track list

Part 1: South and Center of Khorasan
1.   Kabk-e Zari [Instrumental]
Del-e Sheyda (Az Kham-e Zolfat)
Sarhadi Moqum (Maqam) [Ney Solo]  
4.   Allâh Madad: a version of Gholamali Pourataei
Kamancheh Solo (Kamancheh Soloist: Afshin Hashemi)
6.   Nane Golmammad: a version of Gholamali Pourataei

Part 2: North of Khorasan
1.   Dowlatyâr: arranged in “Turkmen Yoli” Stlye,  a version of Bakhshi        Oliagholi Yeganeh and Dutar Solo (Dutar Soloist: Saeed Tehranizadeh)   
2.   Dutar Solo (Dutar Soloist: Saeed Tehranizadeh)
3.   Rafteh-i dar Khâb-e Khosh: a part of “Zohreh and Taher” Tale, a        version of Haj Mohammad Hossein Yeganeh [with the Orchestra]  
4.   Rubab Solo (Rubab (Afghan Shah Rubab) Soloist: Ghobad Rezai)
5.   Chooma Chiây Lây Lây [Kormanc Music]
6.   Rubâb Solo (Rubab (Afghan Shah Rubab) Soloist: Ghobad Rezai)
7.   Joome Nârenji: a version of Maestro Rahim Khoshnavaz

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