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Compiled and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi

For many years I have thought about Gipsies and their life who are scattered in different places all around the world.
Even thought we know them with different names in different countries and among other tribes, but in fact they have similar properties, spirit and life style.
Gipsies are always in move and they are free people. Their spirit, music, dance and living in the nature are the most outstanding aspects of their life.
The meaning of Gipsy - Koli in Farsi - comes from the simplified word of “Köyli” or “Köchli”, which means immigrants,
and some of their other names in different places in Iran and the world are: “Chelli” in Baluchestan, “Zanganeh” in Fars, “Godâr” in Mazandaran, “Gharehchi” in Azerbaijan, “Jinganeh” among Turks of Anatolia or “Gitane” in France, “Zigeuner” in Germany, “Gipsy” (Gypsy) among English speaking people and “Romans” in the most places of Europe.
In this music collection, I have tried to observe the flowing and deliverance of Gipsy spirit for each pieces, and also have tried not to perform “too Neat or too accurate”, and pay attention to the expression of the music, which is the most important aspects of this kind.
The special instruments arrangement of this collection which includes: Ghanoon, Accordion, Oud, Bass Balaban, Duduk, Garmon, Dayereh Zangi, Darbouka, Zanbourak, Whistling by lips and the old and nostalgic melodies, have tried to make the result more pleasant to the ears.
Although Gipsy of music is known as “Illiterate” music in the world, but there is no doubt about it’s practicality, which I believe is a very important element in life.  

Hossein Hamidi

Duduk, Bass Balaban, Narmeh-Nay, Dutar and Darbouka: Hossein Hamidi
Qanun: Minoo Ghasempour  
Accordion: Seroj Hayrapetyan
Garmon: Sohrab Hamidi
Oud: Piran Mohajeri
Dayereh (Qaval) and Dayereh Zangi: Golnoosh Hamidi
Jew's Harp: Martin Shamoonpour

Recorded by Somayeh Habibian
Mixed and Mastered by Orod Anzabipour
at Bam Studio  
Graphic Designer: Parsua Bashi
Photographer: Saba Moghadami

Record Label: Ava Khorshid
Record Date: 2010
Release Date: 2010


Track list

  1.    Kamtar Zan Shâneh: Old Arabic Melody (Ensemble)
  2.    Bayât-e Shiraz
(Duet for Duduk, Improvisation)
  3.    Koli (Gipsy)
(Quartet for Duduk) [Composer and Arranger: Hossein Hamidi]
  4.    Bahâr-e Delneshin
(Ensemble) [Composer: Rouhollah Khaleghi]
  5.    Bâdeh
(Duet for Duduk, Improvisation in Bayât-e Raaje)
  6.    Shur
(Duduk Solo)
  7.    Shur Reng
(Duduk and Dayereh)
  8.    Dargâh
(Duduk Solo, Improvisation in Shur [Composer and Arranger:           Hossein Hamidi)
  9.    Peace
(Quartet for Duduk)
10.    Marâ Beboos
(Ensemble) [Melody by Majid Vafadar]
11.    Dasht
(Quartet and Solo for Narmeh-Nay, Improvisation in Mahoor-e Lori)
12.    Cherâ Mâ?
: A Kurdish Music (Solo for Narmeh-Nay)
13.    Faryâd
(Quartet for Narmeh-Nay) [Arranged based on a Kurdish Maqam by           Hossein Hamidi]
14.    Gandom
: A Kurdish Music (Solo for Narmeh-Nay)
15.    Aghrab-e Zolf-e Kajet
16.    Dowlatyâr
: A Kormanc Music (Solo for Dutar)
17.    Bayât-e Shiraz
(Solo for Balaban)
18.    Yerevan
: An Old Armenian Music (Ensemble with Garmon) [Arranger:           Hossein Hamidi)

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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