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Complied and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi
Vocals: Mehran Bardideh

Fârs province has been always one of the most important centres of manifestation of identity and culture of Iran. In this province there live protectors of original music and culture of Fârs, who has transferred it to the next generation, despite some non-Farsi realms such as Qashqai Turks, Boir-Ahmadi and Arab tribes.
Jahrom city is one of the important centres of music in Fars. Precedence of music in this region goes back to The Sasanian Empire and the famous old musician, Bârbad-e Jajromi.
Estahbânât (Sabunât), Lâr, Fasâ, Nobandegân, Kâzeroon and Shirâz are some other origins of folklore songs of Fârs.
Folklore songs of Fârs, which consist Persian poems, are usually played by Târ and Tombak and it’s close to Radif music in Iran. Use of instruments like Kornâ, Sornâ and Farsi Naghâreh is also common.
“Tasnif-e Jahromi”, “Saboutay Hoy Bebâr” and “Zang-e Shotor” are some old and original Farsi songs in this collection. “Oy! Hamumi!” is also a famous song which has a common sense with Lori songs that are mostly played in wedding ceremonies in Kâzeroon and Noorâbâd-e Mamasani region. As we have accompanied Kornâ in “Saharâvâzi” which is one of the most famous instrumental Qashqai songs.
This collection is a new effort for remaking the songs of Fârs province, with the usage of instruments of that area.
I thank: Messrs. Rahim Fath’alizadeh, Navid Afghah and Balazadeh from Shirâz, Asghar Mohammadi and Mohammad Reza Niroomandi from Jahrom, Khodakaram Valianejad and Mohammad Reza Zarafshan from Kazeroon, Shanbeh Navaei from Noorâbâd and Aziz Akhlaghipour from Marvdasht. They helped me a lot to produce this collection set.

Hossein Hamidi

Sorna, Neylabak, Ney and Naghareh: Hossein Hamidi
Kamancheh: Saeed Farajpouri
Oud, Setar: Mohammad Firouzi
Tar and Bass Tar: Bahram Saed
Tombak: Navid Afghah
Karna: Hossein Hamidi, Mohammad Zarafshan  

Recorded by Naser Farhoodi
at Pop Studio  
Cover Designer: Jamshid Haghighatshenas
Graphic Designer: Ali Boustan

Record Label: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art
Record Date: 1997
Release Date: 1997

Fars Folk Songs

Track list

  1.    Sabounâti Introduction
  2.    Sabounâti Tasnif  

  3.    Hoy Nây Golom Migoli
(with Neylabak)
  4.    Sabounâti Reng
: A version of Asqar Mohammadi from Jahrom
  5.    Jor-e Khazoon
  6.    Birvagheh
  7.    Oy Hamoumi
  8.    Bakhtiâri
  9.    Oy Hamoumi, Hoshgeleh Reng
10.    Dassi Golom
11.    Jahromi Camel Bell

12.    Hoy Bebâr

13.    Jahromi Introduction and Jahromi Tasnif
14.    The Dawn Song
: Qashqai Music [Karna: Mohammad Reza           Zarafshan]
15.    Shiraz Way
: Based on an old Tasnif with same name by Iraj Soltani

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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