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Compiled and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi

Bâlâbân is a woodwind instrument with a doubled reed, which is formed by two main parts: “The Body” made of apricot tree wood and “The Reed (Mouthpiece)” made of Ney (reed). Balaban’s got a mournful and quiet sound which invites humanity to love and kindness. It has a divine tingle.
The instrument is played among the western and southwestern people of Caspian Sea and it also has got different names: Balaban in Azerbaijan, Narmeh-Nây among Kurds, Duduk in Armenia and Mey in Turkey.
This set Consists quartet and solo playing’s of this instrument in different tracks and Maqams, to create a collection of beautiful and tranquil sounds.

Hossein Hamidi

Alto Balaban, Tenor Balaban, Bass Balaban: Hossein Hamidi

Recorded by Reza Asgarzadeh
at Dohol Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Raymond Movsesian, Reza Eghtedari
Graphic Designer: Behzad Gharibpour

Record Label: IIDCYA
Record Date: 2007
Release Date: 2007

Quartet and Solo for Balaban

Track list

  1.    Hijrân
  2.    Prelude in Bayât-e Shiraz
  3.    Yerevan
  4.    Bayât-e Shiraz Maqam
  5.    Lâchin
  6.    Improvisation in Bayât-e Shiaz
  7.    Bayât-e Shiraz Reng
  8.    Azeri Shur Overture
  9.    Prelude in Shur
10.    Shur Reng
11.    Shur Maqam
12.    Yadegâr
13.    Improvisation in Shur  
14.    Farideh
15.    Azeri Sigah
16.    Bâkhâ Bâkhâ
17.    Sigah Maqam
18.    Sigah Reng
19.    Kurdish Shur
20.    Jiânam
21.    Kurdish Maqam

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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