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Complied and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi

Balaban is a member of the family of primitive (wind) instruments. Its plaintive and sorrowful sound solicits contemplation, reconciliation and deep affection. Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Komitas and Fikret Amirov and others considered the mellow sound of Balaban as a vehicle towards the depths of the soul.
Balaban is the most common woodwind instruments in West Caspian and Caucasian area; In Armenia it is known as Dudek, in Turkey as Mey, in Kurdistan as Narmeh-Nay and Balaban is the Azerbaijani term for the instrument.
Due to few alteration in the basic structure and difference also in the Maqams of each region, a variety of diverse performing styles has come into existence. In this collection it has been intended to offer the most current and famous Maqams and songs using all three major styles, namely Azerbaijani, Armenian and Kurdish styles despite the difficulty of playing.
“Let the Nightingale Lament” by “Komitas”, “Who is Singing in the Down?” by “Uzeyir Hajibeyov” and “My Mother, The Bank of Aras (River)” by “Aprikian” (arranged for a quartet of soprano, alto, tenor and Bass Balaban) are three of the most beautiful pieces ever written for this Instrument.

Hossein Hamidi

Balaban: Hossein Hamidi

Recorded by Naser Farhoodi
at Pop Studio  
Cover Designer: Jamshid Haghighatshenas

Record Label: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art
Record Date: 1999
Release Date: 2000

Famous Songs and Maqams from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Kurdistan

Track list

  1.    I Hear a Beautiful Voice: Old Folk Music, Shur (Balaban Trio)
  2.    My Way
: Old Folk Music, Shur (Balaban Solo)
  3.    Who is Singing in the Down?
: Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Shur          (Balaban Trio)
  4.    Armenian Shur Maqam
(Balaban Solo)
  5.    My Mother, The Bank of Aras (River)
: Aprikian, Shur          (Balaban Quartet)
  6.    Sky
: Old Folk Music, Shur (Balaban Trio)
  7.    Dance
: Old Folk Music, Shur (Balaban Trio)
  8.    Let the Nightingale Lament
: Komitas, Shushtari (Balaban Trio)
  9.    Armenian Shushtari Maqam
(Balaban Solo)
10.    Let the Nightingale Lament
: Komitas, Shushtari (Balaban Trio)
11.    Kurdish Shushtari Maqam
(Balaban Solo)
12.    Kurdish Dance
: Old Folk Music, Shur (Balaban Solo)
13.    Pishdaramad in Azerbaijani Shur
(Balaban Trio)
14.    Azerbaijani Shur Maqam
(Balaban Solo)
15.    Shur Tasnif
: Saeed Rostamov (Balaban Trio)
16.    Pishdaramad in Bayât-e Shiraz
: Radif of Azerbaijani Music          (Balaban Trio)
17.    Bayât-e Shiraz Maqam
(Balaban Solo)
18.    Airiliq
: Ali Salimi (Balaban Trio)
19.    Azerbaijani Sigah Maqam
(Balaban Solo)
20.    Come with Me!
: Hossein Hamidi (Balaban and Folk Instruments)

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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