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Arranged by Saeed Farajpouri
Volals: Aziz Shahrokh   

Kurdish music is a treasure of different melodies and rhythms, which are distinguishable from each other based on their geographical origin and historical background. Kurdish melodies in this collection are mostly from the north-west of Iran, north of Iraq and south-east of Turkey and belong to the northern Kurdish (Badini) melodies. Poems are in Surani Kurdish dialect.
One specific musical feature of this collection is the usage of Bâdini musical instruments like Narmeh-Nay (Balaban), Divan, Sorna, Dohol, Dayereh and Daf. Arranging these instruments with musical instruments of the Persian classical music (Kamancheh, Oud, Bass-Tar and Tombak) has provided a decent match to the music of this local region.
This collection is accompanied by the warm chant of the famous and authoritative singer of Kurdistan, Ostâd Aziz Shâhrokh.

Saeed Farajpouri

Poems by Sharif, Ostad Gouran, Abdollah Pah-Shiv
Conductor: Saeed Farajpouri
Kamancheh: Saeed Farajpouri
Oud: Mohammad Firoozi
Narmeh-Nay and Sorna: Hossein Hamidi
Divan and Tar Bass: Bahram Saed
Daf, Tombak, Dayereh and Dohol: Sadegh Tarif

Recorded by Naser Farhoodi
at Pop Studio  
Cover Designer: Yarta Yaran
Graphic Designer: Ali Boustan

Record Label: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art
Record Date: 1995
Release Date: 1995

Kurdish Music, Avat Ensemble  

Track list

  1.    Sâzi Âwâreh Tasnif
  2.    Divan Solo
  3.    Shenay Barbayân Tasnif
  4.    Kamancheh and Divan

  5.    Labirat Kam Tasnif  
  6.    Seyrân
  7.    Mâqâmi Pâeizeh
(with Narmeh Nay)
  8.    Âvâti
  9.    Maqam
(with Divan)
10.    Gouli, Zhâkaw, Ây Goulam, Boulbouli Ghamgin

| © 2017 Hossein Hamidi | Created by Entr"acte Studio |

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