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Compiled and Arranged by Hossein Hamidi
Vocals: Fariborz Danaei, Ashiq Vali Aghaei   

It is so much told about Azerbaijani music. It’s good to know, scientifically and theoretically, this kind of music, comparing to other kinds of music in Iran has had lots of experiences in time. Two important branches of Azerbaijani music are:

Folklore Music (rural music)
Azerbaijani folklore music, which is a deep old source of Azerbaijani music, is played with “Qopuz”. Other instruments are also used in this kind of music, such as Balaban, Zurna and Tutek. The pioneers of this music are called “The Ashiq”. These self-made minstrels narrate the tales, myths and legends of their land. In the past, The Ashiq had had three skills: playing, poetry and singing.

National Music of Azerbaijan
This music in form of trio pays its attention to different Dastgâh melodies. The classic form consists a Târ player, a Kamancheh player and a singer who also plays Qaval. The national music of Azerbaijan is also experienced with different symphonic orchestras: Traditional instruments orchestra, traditional and western instruments orchestra, pop orchestra and symphonic orchestra, and all of them address the national music of Azerbaijan.
Despite the absence of high schools for Azerbaijani music, it has grown fairly well with individual interests. Of Azerbaijani musicians we can name Ali Salimi, Safarali Javid and Asatur Safarian for their composing and arrangements for orchestra; and among singers, Mostafa Payan, Yadollah Zeyveh, Abazar Erfanian and Lady Vartush; Tar players: Aliagha Dadsetanpour, Ali Salimi, Adel Akhundzadeh, Gholamhossein Bigjehkhani and Musapour. And we can refer to Jamshid Hamidi and Rahman Asadollahi for great former Garmon players.

Hossein Hamidi

Conductor: Hossein Hamidi
Balaban: Hossein Hamidi
Azerbaijan Kamancha: Amir Rastbod
Azerbaijan Tar: Farhad Farajli
Naqara: Vahid Asadollahi
Qopuz Soloist: Imran Heydari  
Qopuz: Rabeh Eftekhari, Alborz Rahmani, Mehdi Fallah Safa, Fardis Feizbakhsh  
Bass Qopuz: Rabeh Eftekhari
Shurangiz: Rabeh Eftekhari
Shiraz Tar: Alborz Rahmani, Mehdi Fallah Safa
Bass Tar: Alborz Rahmani, Fardis Feizbakhsh
Qusha Naqara: Rana Shieh
Kamancheh: Rana Shieh
Dayereh: Fardis Feizbakhsh
Qaval: Farhad Naderi

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Arash Mohsenpour, Reza Moghaddas  
at Farhang Mazandaran Studio, Bam Studio
Studio Observer: Hossein Hamidi, Rabeh Eftekhari
Line Producer: Mohammad Reza Yaghoubzadeh
Paint: Ardeshir Rostami
Graphic Designer: Javad Atashbari (Zoom Graphic)

Record Label: Shevash Nava
Record Date: 2003
Release Date: 2003

Music of Azerbaijan, Shemashal Ensemble

Track list

Side A. Azerbaijan National Music
Bayât-e Shiraz Introduction [Composed by Ali Salimi, Arranged by         Hossein Hamidi]
Bayât-e Shiraz Song (with Balaban, Azeri Tar and Azeri Kamancheh)         [Poem by Aliagha Vahid, Singer: Fariborz Danaei]
Heydar Bâbâ [Poet by Mohammad Hossein Shahriar, Composed by Ali         Salimi, Arranged by Hossein Hamidi]
4.    Azeri Kamancheh Solo [Soloist: Amir Rastbod]
Deniz Mahni Si
Azeri Tar Solo [Soloist: Farhad Farajli]
Shirin Reng [Composed by Hossein Hamidi]

Side B. Azerbaijan Folk Music
Sari Gelin (Instrumental) (with the Orchestra and Balaban)
Solo of Balaban in Shur Daramad [Soloist: Hossein Hamidi]
Oshari (Afshari) [Poem by Güldürlü Vali]
4.    Osmanli Divanisi [Composed by Ashiq Ghorban Ghorbani, Vocals and         Qopuz Solo by Ashiq Imran Heydari]
Dâbân Jalili
Bâyrâmi: an Azeri lullaby [Vocals and Gopuz Solo by Ashiq Imran Heydari]
Azerbaijan Ogluyam

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